“I have worked with some of the biggest artists in music history… Christina Aguilera, Missy Elliot, Jay Z, Janet Jackson .. need I say more. For Angelique to come into the studio at the time and bring it like some of the best ever was a re-awakening for me. Angelique Sabrina is going to be a major force in this industry.

There is simply no denying her!”

–Rockwilder, Grammy Award Winning Producer


“I searched internationally for the right host of a new TV show that I will be distributing all over the world. When I selected Angelique Sabrina, I fully expected her to deliver a first class performance. However, never in my wildest dreams did I expect a 16 year old to knock it out of the park in the way she did. She came in prepared and delivered a hosting performance so polished that I could only think of one word to describe it – UNCANNY. She’s a star and the real deal!”

–Nick Cooper, Renowned Vocal Coach


“Although the Caribbean’s main island of musical export is Jamaica (Bob Marley and his children, Sean Paul, Beenie Man), newcomer Angelique Sabrina brings light to another sea-dwelling hot spot, the Bahamas. Running from anything seems to be the antithesis of Angelique’s plan, as she continues to prove to be a force of both modern-day innocence and musical ease…..She credits her island’s indigenous music style as a major determinant of her journey.”



“Angelique Sabrina exudes so much in her music and style, it’s kind of hard to believe she’s only 16!”

–Premiere Radio Networks


“I’m Ready” may be the title of the latest single from Bahamian beauty Angelique Sabrina, but it’s very clear that this rising star has been ready for stardom. …While giving credit to her Caribbean roots Angelique is a natural born performer who’s been hard at work fulfilling her dreams.

Often referred to as “the next Rihanna” it’s apparent that Angelique Sabrina is a strong enough artist to stand on her own name. After recently performing the national anthem and dubbed as Cable Bahamas “golden girl” this determined teenager is definitely cut from a different cloth.

–Kontrol Magazine


“Angelique Sabrina has a new single titled “Right Now.” It’s funny, listening to this single reminds me of that fresh breeze you feel when you are in a new romance. Your emotions are so intense and real. She brings across that innocence that is lost in today’s over exposed society. This young Bahamian woman really captures what it feels like to be young and free. We’ve showcased her before and it just keeps getting better. Thanks Angelique Sabrina for giving us a reminder of the innocence we’ve lost.

–The Cocoa Express


“The video and song itself will definitely take you back to the 90′s where RnB music was made with pure emotion and readiness to love.”

–Why Cause I


“This youthful singer-songwriter is focused and ready to take her place center stage. “I’m Ready”​ is the new lead single by up and coming starlet Angelique Sabrina. Her soft and sensuous voice is reminiscent of a young Aaliyah.

This Bahamian born vocalist also gives off the whole Island vibe for a more international appeal, referring her music as island club R&B. In a prestigious and authentic manner, Angelique demonstrates the qualities of a talented singer/songwriter. Angelique Sabrina may only be 16 years old, but as she stated on her new single, “I’m Ready”

and indeed she is.”

–Sheen Magazine


“She may get compared to Rihanna due to the fact that they are both from the islands, but Angelique Sabrina is in a class all by herself and is about to make her mark

on American soil.”



“On her new single ‘I’m Ready’, Angelique Sabrina gives us a fresh breezy sound reminiscent of 90’s rnb. This unique talent will be one to watch as she helps usher in the new generation of the rnb genre.”

–You Know I Got


“Ranked No. 1 in Sydney, Australia and Jamaica, 16-year-old Bahamian-bred R&B/Pop newcomer, Angelique Sabrina isn’t just another singer floating around in this overtly saturated music industry, she’s a bright shining star vastly approaching breakout in entertainment.”

–Brave Magazine


“For those of a certain age, Bahamian born Angelique Sabrina will conjure up memories of one of the biggest stars of the 1990s, Aaliyah. That’s especially true on her soft, sensuous lead single, “I’m Ready,” a beautiful love song which could have been a hit for Aaliyah or even Janet Jackson. And the teenage star not only performed the song, she also wrote it.

Angelique has been a star in the Bahamas and Jamaica for several years, but now she’s ready to make a name for herself around the rest of the world. And “I’m Ready” is a really nice vehicle for her move forward.”



“Angelique Sabrina is young, but she is ready and you can tell from the confidence that she shows in this video. The young singer gives us a ballad with substance and a feeling that is undeniable entitled, “I’m Ready,” which showcases a more romantic side of her.”



“Remarkably penned by Angelique Sabrina, hear for yourself why so many are calling “I’m Ready” a timeless love song for the ages.”

-Jones Magazine

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